Peter Wrinch



Peter spent most of his 20s studying Russian revolutionary art and culture. This included stints working as a journalist in Moscow, long train rides across Russia, and visiting the Catacombes de Paris. After Russian history, Peter spent time working in Japan as an English teacher, a bartender, and a surfer.

Upon returning to Vancouver, Peter was drawn to the social change work of Pivot Legal Society. After a couple months volunteering, Peter was offered a contract position, a full-time position followed, and 5 years later Peter was named the Executive Director.

Taking his cues from the culture of the internet, Peter democratized Pivot's internal culture and brought the organization back from the brink. During his time at the helm, Pivot had a number of important wins including two unanimous Supreme Court of Canada judgements that have changed Canadian society dramatically. When Peter left Pivot, the banks accounts were full, the staff morale was high, and the organization's reputation was bullet proof.  

Peter is a respected speaker and thought leader on organizational culture and structure, fundraising, organizing, and technology. He is now a Lead Organizer at NationBuilder. He lives on Bowen Island with his young family. 


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